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4 Paint Colors That Can Lower Your Home’s Resale Potential

colors to improve home resale value

Slate grey may be too stark a choice, but lighter shades of grey, especially when used tastefully, can make a positive impact.

While we are all for individuality and expressing yourself within the walls of your home, when planning a home sale in the near future, it’s important not to scare off potential buyers with your color choices! Certain colors are infamous for lowering home resale value, even if the walls are perfectly painted. Here are four paint colors to avoid when preparing to sell your home.

Slate Gray

Slate gray is a very cool option, but it doesn’t seem cool to everyone. Gray is appealing to homebuyers in very specific shades, and slate isn’t one of them. People with slate gray dining room walls got an amazing $1,100+ knocked off their home value just for that choice of paint color. However, lighter grays like dove gray increased a home’s value by up to $1,000.

Off White

This is a very surprising addition to the list, as many people think that off white is just as good as classic crisp white. However, potential homebuyers don’t see things that way. Off white, depending on where it is used, can make the room feel a little bit dingy or less than clean. This especially takes a toll in kitchens, where people want the room to feel crisp and clean.


Okay, you might absolutely love your terracotta living room and think that it’s a perfect reflection of your pumpkin spice latte or fall love. However, potential homebuyers see it as a ding in your home’s resale value. It’s a bold choice of paint color that many people have strong feelings about (and many of those strong feelings go in a negative direction). Homes that had terracotta colored living rooms sold for almost $800 less than similar homes without that paint color.

Deep Brown

Deep brown can be beautiful for an accent wall, but it turns off a lot of potential homebuyers. It can make a room feel smaller and dimmer, even if you love it. Dark brown also turns off buyers who want to put their own spin on things, as they know it means many coats of primer and new paint before they’ll be able to change it. If you have a dark brown paint color in your bathroom or bedroom, the resale price could lower by as much as almost $500!

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