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Tips for Painting Your Wood Deck

painting a wood deck

There are a few things you should know before you attempt to paint your wood deck.

Painting a wood deck or fence can truly make it beautiful, but this can also be difficult to maintain in the face of environmental stressors and everyday wear. Unlike wood siding, wood decks, handrails, retaining walls, fences, and other more complex structures expose multiple sides of each piece of wood to the elements. Some of these surfaces are inaccessible and difficult to protect, which makes it difficult to achieve a complete waterproof membrane or thoroughly painted appearance. Read on to discover important tips for preparing and painting your wood deck.   

The Problem With Partially Painted Pieces Of Wood

Partially painted wood is vulnerable to both water damage and damage from water vapors from all sides, causing the painted sides to lose their integrity. This means that even the painted sides can no longer protect the wood. Don’t paint unless you can cover all six sides of every piece of wood. In situations where you can’t reach between pieces of wood which are sandwiched together, caulk them as thoroughly as possible.

Make Sure Surfaces Are Clean And The Wood Is Dry

Make sure the wood is cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Don’t be afraid to pressure wash, sand, and utilize detergent scrubbing. Dirty wood will make painting difficult and give your wood deck a very unprofessional finish.

Remove Loose Nails And Replace Them With The Next Larger Size

The larger nail will have an as-good-as-new grip and hold loosened wood tightly in place. Countersink all nails and fill the resultant hole with a high-quality, exterior-grade putty.

Apply Putty Carefully

While applying the putty, make sure to conscientiously remove any excess. This will keep sanding to a minimum, and make painting your wood deck a breeze.

Paint With Care

If your wood deck has previously been finished with a high-grade, oil-based finish, do not paint over it. Painting over a previously oiled surface will cause disastrous results, and a mess that will be time consuming and almost impossible to correct.

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