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4 Ways to Successfully Paint Your Home’s Exterior

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We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for successfully painting your home’s exterior.

Refreshing your home’s appearance isn’t hard. By focusing on this aspect of curb appeal, you might find out that you enjoy making changes such as these. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for successfully painting your home’s exterior. What does it look like now? How could it look even better? Let these questions guide you as you get started, and then follow our advice once the project is underway! 

Prepare the Surfaces For Painting 

Different exterior surfaces have different needs. And they’ll accept fresh coats of paint better if you prepare them ahead of time. One example of this situation becoming trickier than necessary is if you plan to repaint stucco. Stucco needs to cure before it imbibes paint; this means you’ll need to wait for up to a month or so (28 days) before you can do anything to it. If you don’t wait, your paint will look dusty or chalky.  

Use Caulk and Perform Patches 

We also recommend using caulk. Caulk fills in cracks and joints that could be exposed by wear and tear. Door frames, molding, window frames, and fascia boards are particularly vulnerable to weather-induced damage. As such, this is where you’ll want to concentrate your efforts the most. Replace rotting fascia boards and wooden siding. Then, sand down wood trim and doors. Finally, patch up the existing stucco with some new stucco. How do you know when old stucco isn’t looking so good? When it shows signs of aging like chipping and pitting. 

Choose Primers and Sealers 

Primers and sealers make a remarkable difference. That’s why you shouldn’t dismiss how effective they are. Sealants contain resins that help the paint molecules bond to the surface of the wall or fence that you want to paint. Latex primer, meanwhile, is a fabulous choice for vinyl and wooden siding. Stucco has its own special variety of primers that is a unique option for this material. 

Focus on Using Fantastic Paint 

As you search for the best paint possible, be on the lookout for 100% acrylic latex. These paints are composed of pigments, binders, and solvents. The solvent eventually evaporates, and the color and binders are left by themselves. Together, they’re known as “volume solids,” and if you see “premium” or “super-premium” written on the label, you’ll recognize that it has a much higher content of volume solids. 


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