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3 Tips for Painting Your Child’s Bedroom

3 Tips for Painting Your Child’s Bedroom

Need help painting your child’s bedroom? Columbia Paint can help!

Creating a space for your child that they can call their own will be something that they’ll always remember. For some great ideas to get you started, check out these three tips for painting your child’s bedroom.

Choose a Theme

Start by choosing a theme. From there, you’ll know exactly what paint colors to use in your child’s bedroom. For example, if your child has a favorite superhero, animal, or sport, you can incorporate those colors into the way you paint the walls. Don’t just stop at the colors; you can also paint the characters or animals themselves on the walls too in fun poses and depicting their favorite scenes. You could even have your child incorporated into a fun mural of their favorite show or playing their favorite sport.   

Use Calming Colors

Children do a lot of exploring and exercising throughout the day. It’s a great idea to use color as a way to turn their bedroom into a space of rest. Warm tones can help create a calming atmosphere that helps your child relax and reenergize after a long and fun day of adventure. When most people think of children’s bedrooms, they start with bright and bold colors that help awaken the senses of children. That’s a great idea for school and playrooms but consider making the bedroom a place of solace and comfort with neutral colors.

Ask Your Child

You never know; your child might have a great eye for interior design. Ask how they would like to see their room painted. Ask your child for their favorite color or colors and use those as the primary direction for your painting choices. You may also consider asking them to pick out their favorite toys for inspiration or even some of the primary colors from their favorite characters on television. Involving your child in the process will help them feel proud of their room and awaken their creative processes.

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