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Composite Deck Staining Tips in Severna Park

Many homeowners in Severna Park these days prefer the maintenance-free option of composite decking over wood decking. Composite decks, made from plastic and wood fibers, have grown exponentially in popularity due to their toughness and durability. Although the color of composite decking is marketed as being permanent, it will fade over time. When this happens, or if you’re just looking for a color change, deck staining is a viable option – but you have to go about it the right way!

Composite Deck Staining

Composite decks, made from plastic and wood fibers, have grown exponentially in popularity due to their toughness and durability.

Preparing Your Composite Deck for Staining

If you’ve had your composite deck in Severna Park for a while, it probably has some dirt and mildew on it which needs to be removed before you can apply stain. Start by applying one part bleach to three parts water liberally to your deck’s surface. Let it sit for 20 minutes, then use a hard brush to scrub. Use a hose to rinse off the bleach solution and any residue that was lifted from the scrubbing. Next, the gloss must be removed with sandpaper. Sand in the same direction as the wood grain, not across it. Finally, wash the deck one last time with a household detergent solution. Rinse thoroughly and allow the deck to dry.

Painting or Staining Your Composite Deck

If you’re painting your composite deck…

Prime the deck with an exterior latex stain-blocking primer for use on plastic. Then, apply a latex floor and deck paint in a satin or semi-gloss finish. The higher the gloss level, the more mildew resistance you will get and the easier your composite deck in Severna Park will be to clean.

If you’re staining your composite deck…

Do not apply primer if you’re applying a deck stain. Simply apply a quality acrylic latex solid color deck stain recommended to use on composite decking.

Things to remember…

If you decide to paint or stain your composite deck, the process will likely need to be repeated every 3 to 5 years. Decks tend to take on a lot of wear and tear from being exposed to weather and foot traffic – so even the highest quality paints and stains will eventually fade away. Remember to continue to use latex coating when you reapply paint or stain, since oil coating can easily develop cracks.

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