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Dustless Woodworking with Festool


Wood dust gets everywhere with traditional power tools. This wood dust coats surfaces and hides in hard-to-reach places.

Do you do a lot of woodworking? If so, then you probably know all about how annoying wood dust can be. Wood dust is made according to the size of the sandpaper, so a finer grain of sandpaper will make a finer wood dust. This wood dust has to be cleaned off of a wood surface before any sort of treatment can be applied to the wood. Even after wood has been painted or stained, wood dust that has settled in the surrounding area can become dislodged and stick to the smooth wet surface of the newly treated wood. If you’re working inside the home, wood dust can get sucked into the HVAC system and distributed throughout the air inside a home, making breathing more difficult and exacerbating allergies.

Luckily, one company has sought to address these woodworking concerns. Festool creates power tools that have built-in systems that gather wood dust before it has a chance to spread. Many people who have used Festool products have been impressed with how easy these power tools make the woodworking process, and clients have been pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness of a woodworking job. Read on to learn how Festool takes care of the wood dust situation.

Dust Extraction from Festool

Festool power tools clean up wood dust with a vacuum attachment that sucks up small wood particles and dust as you work. This dust is fed into a dust extractor that is optimized for the way you work. You can choose between portable units or units that are built for heavy duty jobs. All extractors come with HEPA filters and are HEPA certified. These filters collect the wood dust and return clean air back into the room.

Festool Features

Festool dust extractors are easy to use and acclimate to your needs. You can toggle the extractor to turn on and off whenever you turn your power tool on or off. You can also adjust the suction force, which is especially important when sanding. A flat filter stays out of the containment area inside the extractor, which leaves more room for collecting debris. The self-cleaning filter bags prevent clogging, so you won’t have to worry about a mess to clean up.

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