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How to Choose the Best Window Treatments

best window treatments

The best window treatments will not only look good but will also make your home more comfortable.

Do you know which window treatments fit your home best? The huge variety of options can seem overwhelming, leaving you paralyzed by choice. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you determine the best window treatments for your home based on your personal style as well as your needs.


The first step is to think about function. What task do you need your window treatments to perform? Do they need to block sunlight? You can opt for room darkening window treatments that are made of a special fabric for blocking sunlight. Or, you could opt for shades that gently filter and diffuse light so that it fills the whole room without a glare. Do you have children or pets who can get caught in cords and pulls? Cordless window treatments are a safe and stylish choice. Do you need to save money on your energy bill? Energy-efficient design creates the best window treatments for insulating the home. Addressing the function you need your window treatments to perform will narrow your choices.


Now that you’ve asserted what you need your window treatments to do, you can figure out how you want your window treatments to look. This is where length, fabric, and colors come into play. Here are some tips for choosing the best style:

  • Calculate Length: If you are choosing curtains that fall to the floor–as opposed to valances, blinds, or shades–you’ll have to figure out how long the curtains should be. This means deciding how you want your curtains to hang. Some choose to mount curtains six inches or more above the window frame for a dramatic look that gives the illusion of bigger windows and taller ceilings. The more height, the more drastic the look. For the bottoms of your curtains, you’ll have to decide whether you’d like the curtains to fall flush with the floor for a modern look or pool on the ground for a more traditional look.
  • Choose Fabric: And now we get to the fun part! Your curtains can do wonders for adding to the look and feel of a room. If the room is more traditional, like an office or den, then you’ll want curtains made with a heavy fabric. Velvet or heavy silk are great for adding that traditional touch. If the room is more airy and casual, then lighter fabrics work well. Billowy linen, crinkly crushed velvet, and crisp wool or cotton are great for creating a casual and fun atmosphere.
  • Choose Color: Color is another super fun part of choosing window treatments. You’ll have to decide: do you want your window treatments to blend in or to pop? If you want your window treatments to blend in, choose a dominant color that is present in the room. The color of your curtains should be the same tone, and maybe a bit darker, so as not to overwhelm any other decor in the room that demands attention. If your curtains are going to be the focal point or a bright accent, then be sure to choose a really bold color that will wow your guests. And remember, if you are choosing unlined curtains, the sun will shine through them and diffuse the color throughout the room. Blue light through the curtains has the potential to make a room look a little dreary, but sunlight shining through pink curtains is delightful!

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