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Painting Secrets You Should Know About

Painting Secrets You Should Know About

Use these painting secrets to make your life easier and achieve better results.

Do yourself a favor and don’t overcomplicate your next interior painting project. There are all sorts of things you can do to simplify your project and provide you with better results. Here are some painting secrets every homeowner should know!

Sand Away Imperfections

Are you prepping a room for a painting job? Painting requires a lot of preparation. For example, you need to buy your painting supplies, move furniture around, lay out your drop cloths, and apply your painter’s tape. One step that people frequently neglect is sanding out imperfections. You want to make sure the surfaces you are painting are nice and smooth before you pop open that first can of paint. You will have much better result if you take some time sand any rough areas.

Wash Your Paint Rollers

Don’t forget to clean your paint rollers thoroughly! After you are finished painting, you should immediately rinse off your paint rollers. You also may want to use a little bit of liquid soap to help you. Don’t make the mistake of letting the paint dry on your rollers.

Scrape Windows

Believe it or not, taping up windows for a painting project is usually just a waste of time. In most cases, it will get on windows anyway. The good news is that you can easily scrape away paint off a windows surface with a razor blade.

Apply Two Coats

In most cases, you are going to want to apply two coats of paint. The second coat of paint will allow you to go over any spots you may have missed the first time around. Also, the second coat will make the paint color you are using pop!

Use Canvas Drop Cloths

People frequently make the mistake of using the wrong kinds of drop cloths. You want to ensure you are using something that paint can’t possibly seep through. If you decide to use a plastic drop cloth, you may be disheartened when you realize paint got all over your expensive hardwood floors. Do yourself a favor and only use canvas drop cloths with all your interior painting projects

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