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5 Unique Neutral Shades

neutral shades

Neutral shades like lavender can contribute to a light and airy atmosphere.

You may be wondering how a neutral color can be unique. Neutrals are supposed to be toned down to the point that they don’t stand out and we don’t notice them, right? Actually, if you go for the right shade, a neutral color could set the entire tone of the room. Here are a few ideas for unique neutral shades that will color your guests impressed.

Powder Blue

Powder blue can work in more than just the nursery. A great spring color, powder blue adds some subtle color to an otherwise white room. This soft shade creates a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere.


Blush adds some warm color without being fiery or overwhelming. This soft, rosy hue pairs well with grays and whites to create a light and airy yet warm and cozy atmosphere. This soft shade is sure to add a touch of cheer to any room in the house.


When you think of neutral colors, one color you probably think of is gray. Charcoal is a particular shade of gray that is a bit darker and cleaner. If you really want to create a look that is modern and sophisticated, charcoal is the way to go. Plus, charcoal pairs well with other neutrals and bright colors alike.


Many homeowners are reticent to use dark hues because of the fear that it will make the room look too dark and depressing. However, when used with the right light and bright accents, a dark color like navy can really make a room feel comfortable. Navy is an especially great color for bedrooms, since the dark, calming blue evokes the thought of nighttime and sleeping.


Lavender can be a great neutral color when used thoughtfully and paired with cool grays. A foyer or bedroom painted with lavender can be light and airy, reminding those who see the color of the purple flowers of spring.

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