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Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Announces 2017 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2017

Shadow 2117-30 is the smoky, sultry color of 2017.

This week, Benjamin Moore announced its pick for the 2017 Color of the Year. The company employed a diverse group of designers to create their color team. The team spent the year looking for a color that would reflect the trends of the upcoming year. The team explored many art fairs and exhibits while also keeping their finger on the pulse of domestic and international cultural influences. The final color that the team chose reflects a sense of restrained drama and nostalgia while also being a multi-purpose color that plays well with other colors. That color is Shadow 2117-30.

What Influenced Benjamin Moore’s Choice

When choosing a new Color of the Year for 2017, the Benjamin Moore color team studied a vast array of art, from contemporaries to classics. The team looked for commonalities among their research, keeping an eye on what colors and hues seemed to be universally present in several art works. These colors reveal insights to what may trend in the upcoming year. The team studied artists’ uses of color to identify key color families.

Finally, the team decided that the Color of the Year should be something that is warm and earthy. Significantly influenced by the arts, the team looked for a color that looked saturated and regal, calling back to the rich colors and dark tones of Baroque painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. Dramatic, classic sculptures and exciting, contemporary art were all taken into consideration when choosing a color. Artwork and design indicators guided the team to the precise color they had been searching for all year. Finally, the team announced that their color of choice was the mysterious Shadow 2117-30.

How to Use Shadow 2117-30 in Your Home

This regal color combines the whisper of a dark, regal purple with a smoky undertone of grey. It’s great for adding a sense of drama to the bedroom or living room. For rooms that need a lighter touch, there are several lighter shades in muted colors that combine well with a theme of Shadow 2117-30. Pink Bliss, Iceburg, Etruscan, Sea Star, and Dinner Party are all great colors to match with Shaddow 2117-30.

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