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Wall Colors for Light Floors

light floors

A rich green looks great with this light hardwood floor.

Light hardwood floors are diverse in color. This depends on the wood species, stain, and sealant. Since floors and walls are some of the biggest surfaces to work with in any room, the colors chosen should work well together. The first step in determining what wall colors will compliment your light floors is figuring out whether they are warm- or cool-toned. Warm light floors have yellow, red, or orange undertones. Cool light floors have grey or taupe undertones.   

White Wall Colors

Pure white wall paint works amazingly with light wood floors but will be too stark for any room without the most trendy contemporary interior. Most white paints contain tiny amounts of other pigments, which is why white paint swatches are so diverse. These added flecks of color will make your walls warm or cool, so choose wisely. If your light floors have cool undertones, opt for white paint with matching cooler pigments. Likewise, warm light wood floors are complemented best by warm wall colors.

Neutral Wall Colors

In the decorating world, neutrals include black, white, and all of the shades of brown and grey. For light to medium-dark neutral walls, undertones need to match those in the light floors in order to be complimentary. Dark neutrals and charcoal grey look great with light floors with both cool and warm undertones. If you want walls the same color as your flooring, be certain that they are at least two shades apart to avoid an odd matching effect.

Bright And Unusual Colors

As long as the wall color’s undertones match those in the floor, you can go as vivid or outside of the box or muted as you like. Warm colors include yellows, oranges, and reds. Any colors in this family will look sublime with warm-toned flooring. Cool colors include blues, violets, true greens, and grey greens. You can go from icy pastels to the darkest greens when you start with a cool-toned floor.

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