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5 Steps To Prepare A Room For Painting

5 Steps To Prepare A Room For Painting

Preparation is a huge part of the painting process!

Do you have an interior painting project coming up? It is important to remember that preparation is critical when it comes to interior painting. You want to make sure you are all set up before you pop open that first can of paint. If you have everything sufficiently prepped, painting the room should be a total breeze. There is a thorough process one must go through in order to achieve the best possible results. With that said, here are five essential steps for painting a room!

Remove Furniture If Possible

It is in your best interest to remove all furniture from the room you are going to paint. You don’t want to risk ruining your couch or coffee table with paint drips. However, there will be some instances where it may be challenging to move larger items out of the way. If that is the case, you can also cover these pieces of furniture with drop cloths.

Protect Floors With Drop Cloths

Drop cloths are incredibly important when it comes to interior painting. Don’t risk ruining your floor because you were too lazy to throw down a drop cloth. It is important to note that canvas drop cloths are your best option. They aren’t prone to tears and are not susceptible to paint seepage. They are a lot more expensive than plastic drop cloths; however, are far more reliable!

Remove Outlet Covers

This is a simple step, but for whatever reason, many people neglect to remove outlet covers. Get yourself a screwdriver and spend a few minutes removing all outlet covers in the room. Don’t be like one of the many who wastes time applying painters tape to their outlet covers. You are much better off taking them off.

Use a Generous Amount Of Painters Tape

Painters tape is relatively expensive. Since this is the case, don’t use it sparingly! Make sure the room is taped well! You can even tape some areas twice if you want to ensure that paint doesn’t get on these places. You are much better off spending a few extra dollars on another roll of tape than having to repaint an entire area because you made a mistake.

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