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5 Things to Know Prior to Painting a Room

5 Things to Know Prior to Painting a Room

Don’t pop open your first can of paint before considering these things!

Before you pick up that brush or roller, there are some factors you should consider to ensure the quality in your paint job. Check out these five important things to know prior to painting a room.  

Don’t Skip the Prep

Preparation before painting will ensure that the final product will be as polished and neat as possible. The preparation stage includes emptying or covering all the furniture in the room and laying down drop cloths to cover the floor. It will also be beneficial to wipe down the walls, removing all traces of dust, dirt, and grime to ensure that you’ll be painting onto a smooth, clean surface. Finally, if necessary, you may need to fill holes from nails and use a primer to achieve better adhesion.

Test the Color

Paint often looks different in various applications. The shade on the swatch will look different from the liquid form, and different still from its dried state once you get it up on the wall. Therefore, before you go all out and purchase a lot of a specific color, test it out in a smaller batch. Use a space on the intended wall and wait for the color to dry. Then, you’ll be able to see what the color looks like when it’s dry and in different lighting in that space. Just buy a sample of the color and, if you change your mind, it’s much easier to paint over that small area rather than an entire wall.

Don’t Be Shy

Don’t shy away from bold colors. Bright and bold colors can go a long way toward setting the tone and atmosphere in a space. Dark colors add texture and depth while bright colors can make a space feel and appear larger.

Finish Matters

The type of finish that your paint has will affect the way that it appears on the wall. High gloss paint is easy to clean and is quite durable but will highlight imperfections because of its shine. Flat paint, on the other hand, is better at hiding imperfections but is more susceptible to damage.

Get the Right Amount

Do your best to avoid the situation of starting a painting project, making great progress, and then running out of paint. To avoid this, you should do some simple calculations. For the calculations, you’ll need to know the length, width, and height of the wall that you’re painting, along with the number of windows and doors in the space. Having the square footage is key to determining how much paint you’ll need.

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