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Tips for Painting Concrete


painting concrete

Painting concrete requires a little skill, but you can get the job done!

Painting concrete is not as simple as painting a wall in your home. Concrete behaves differently than drywall or other materials. This difference in behavior definitely affects the way it behaves when painted. So, if you have a concrete surface that you need to paint, then pay attention because these tips are going to save your painting experience. Are you ready to learn more about painting concrete? Check out these tips!

Keep your concrete clean!

To prepare for the painting process, you will need to make sure that your concrete is clean. To clean it, you can use a variety of cleaners at a variety of prices and environmental friendliness. You will also want to remove any grass, vines, or other debris that may have migrated onto your surfaces. You can remove them by hand or by power washing them away. You should also get rid of any old paint that might be peeling or chipping off of your concrete. A new coat of paint will be a fresh start for your surface.

Sealing and priming your concrete is essential.

Once you’ve given your concrete a nice washing, you will need to seal it. Sealing your concrete will keep moisture from creating mold issues down the line. After all, concrete is a highly porous material, so you need to take plenty of precautions. Once you’ve applied sealant, you will need to prime it up for painting. Applying a primer is going to help a lot with the painting process because a primer will help to smooth out concrete’s natural unevenness.

You’re ready to paint your concrete!

If your concrete is all sealed up, primed, and ready to go, then you can start painting. You will want to invest in masonry paint which is a specific kind of pain perfect for concrete and other masonry. Masonry paint has binding agents in it that allow it to expand with your concrete so that you won’t have to worry about cracks and splitting.

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