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Tips for Using a Paint Sprayer

Tips for Using a Paint Sprayer

Consider a paint sprayer for your next painting project.

Paint sprayers are becoming a very popular option! Faster than a brush and roller, paint sprayers give you a smooth finish. They are especially convenient when it comes to larger areas or rooms to be painted. Also, they are a cost-effective alternative. Instead of paying a pricey sum for a paint contractor, you can simply take the job on yourself, leaving you with savings and a beautifully finished room. Though, before taking the job into your own hands, there are several useful tips that will help you to get the best possible finish.

Best Practices:

  • Keep in mind what type of surface you are painting and what type of paint you are using. Not all paint guns are the same because they all have different settings. Check the thickness of the paint and the volume of the spray. You can also adjust the angle from a wider spray to a narrower pattern.
  • Test your technique and the sprayer itself by running water through it. You want an even application best achieved by keeping the sprayer level while moving your body, not just your arm, along the path of the spray. If you only move your arm, the distribution of paint will not be even
  • Patience is necessary. You’ll be tempted to finish a job quickly, but if you start to rush, it’ll show up in your work. Paint dispenses from a sprayer at a higher rate than you’d expect. With that said, take your time if you want the best results possible.

Stay Safe

Spray paint is toxic, and cheap masks don’t offer much protection. The best way to stay safe when working with spray paint is to use carbon mask. It is more expensive, but worth the money. It is strongly advised you do not use damaged cans due to the risk of leakage or compression. Damaged cans could potentially release chemicals, which can be harmful to your health, and compression can cause dangerous levels of pressure in the can. Our cans are carefully delivered, so you can be assured of a safe can to do your work with.

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