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5 Questions to Ask Your Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Here are some questions you should ask your interior designer before getting started.

Choosing the right interior designer for your home project can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to ask. How can you ensure that your interior designer understands your stylistic point of view (or lack of) and what exactly you want your home to look and feel like? Here are five of our best questions that you should always ask your interior designer before hiring.

Do You Have a Degree or Related Coursework?

Interior designers earn a specific degree that encompasses architecture and are required to be licensed. Interior decorators might have the same qualifications, but they are not licensed. If you are seeking a qualified interior designer, make sure that they have the proper licensing and are not simply an interior decorator.

What is Your Style?

While your style obviously matters, your interior designer’s style matters as well, since it will have an effect on the pieces and ideas they choose for your home. Interior designers are always a best fit for homeowners with similar styles and aesthetics, so don’t be afraid to pass up a modern interior designer if your style is more rustic.

Do You Have a Portfolio?

Don’t just ask if your interior designer has a portfolio—ask if they have a portfolio that includes work similar to the style, scope, and budget of your interior design project. If they have a few examples to show you, even if they aren’t exactly the same style you are going for, it’s a good sign that they have done this many times before.

How Do You Document Your Work?

A good quality interior designer should always include detailed drawings in their services that include a floor plan and elevations, a detailed schedule that includes material deadlines, and samples for you to choose from. Your interior designer should offer regular meetings or phone calls to keep clients abreast of any progress or delays.

How Do You Charge and When Do I Pay?

Last but not least, get information up front about how your interior designer charges (by the hour or a percentage of the budget, most commonly) and when they expect their payment to be do.

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