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5 Types Of Wallpaper By Thibaut

5 Types Of Wallpaper By Thibaut

Add some flair to your home with some wallpaper!

Many people opt for paint when it comes to choosing how to style the walls within their home. However, wallpaper serves as a great and often underutilized option when it comes to interior decorating. Wallpaper is an excellent way to add some flair and lavish style to your house. They are beautiful, long-lasting, and come in countless design and style options. If you are on the hunt for a wallpaper type for your home, consider one of these types by Thibaut.


One option by Thibaut that demands consideration is artisan. This wallpaper option provides your home with a look of the highest quality while celebrating innovative techniques and maintaining traditional looks and styles. If you are looking for the ultimate combination of beauty and tradition for your home, look no further than artisan.


Embrace the feeling of the old world with your wallpaper by going with cypress by Thibaut. Cypress is a wallpaper that takes inspiration from craftsmanship and printing techniques originating from India. You can also use it to craft a new, more modern look by pairing it with down colors that will also help it show off the charm it has from its block prints and embroideries.

Faux resource

Faux resource is a special type of wallpaper that takes inspiration from a variety of resources, such as corks, snake skin, grasscloth, and marble. Choosing faux resource as your go-to wallpaper will add a terrific feel of texture inside your home. You can also add even more dynamic visuals and dimensions with this wallpaper with different prints and color combinations.Grasscloth resource

Grasscloth resource weaves natural threads and fibers to bring the feeling of the serene and tranquil feeling of the outdoors to your indoors. This environmentally friendly wallpaper option will warm up the room with the three-dimensional feeling and beauty of nature. Among the customizable options provided by grasscloth resource wallpaper are woven jute, seagrass, boodlecloth, extra fine sisal, as well as raffia.


Everyone loves the look and feel of the sea, so why not embrace it with seaside wallpaper by Thibaut? Seaside offers a multitude of coastal design themes that bring along with them the feeling and memories of summers be the sea. They are friendly, inviting, and visually stunning as they pop up and attract the eyes of anyone that wanders into your home.

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