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Benjamin Moore

How to Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving Guests

Thanksgiving table

Welcome your Thanksgiving guests will a beautiful home.

Whether you are a seasoned Thanksgiving host or just preparing for your first Thanksgiving as a family, preparing your home for the influx of hungry and excited guests is no easy task. Here are some of the best simple ways to get your home ready for Thanksgiving guests this week.

Paint the Guest Room

If you are having guests stay the night, give your guest room a beautiful new fresh coat of paint to create a great first impression. Experiment with a cool color palette like one of the following:

  • A bold blue on the walls with crisp white paint on the wainscoting or trim
  • Beautiful pastel yellow walls to make a bright and sunny impression
  • A beachy and soft palette of cool blues, warm tans, and soft yellows and sands

Add Interest with Wallpaper Accent Walls

If you want to spice up your interior without making a huge change, adding a wallpaper accent wall is a great way to do so. You can choose a basic bold solid or get quirky with fun patterns and designs. A beautiful floral wallpaper is a great backdrop for Thanksgiving and spring holidays like Easter. For a more rustic vibe, get wallpaper that mimics other natural materials like brick, stone, or wood paneling. These natural materials bring an added warmth to your space and will look great around the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Get Cozy with Fall Window Treatments

Fall window treatments are a fun way to celebrate the season and get your guests excited for Thanksgiving. Choose a color palette that reflects the warmth and comfort of late fall, like rich warm browns, deep romantic reds, and spicy rust oranges. Consider incorporating window treatments that take advantage of the limited natural light available as days get shorter and nights get longer. Add candles or softly lit floral arrangements to the areas around your windows for Thanksgiving guests to enjoy the beauty of your home and be able to see their dinner.

When It’s Time to Get Ready for Guests, Columbia Paint Company is Here

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