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Benjamin Moore

The Seven Principles of Good Design, Chapter 3, Brought to you by Columbia Paint and Clarksville Paint & Decorating, Benjamin Moore Dealers

The Seven Principles are:


Unity: A sense of uniformity or harmony in the space

Balance: Achieving visual equilibrium through the ordered distribution of elements of equal visual weight around a central axis. Can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial

Rhythm: Suggests connected movement between different elements of interior design. Elements can be repeated, alternated, or arranged in progression to maintain a “visual tempo”

Emphasis: A central piece of art or furniture plays the role of a focal point or attention grabber. Other items around the focal point are used to complement it

Contrast: Can be achieved through differences in color, form, and space

Scale & Proportion: Ensures objects placed in a space look like they belong to each other. Achieving a harmony that is established through size, dimension, shape, or color of objects and how they relate to one another

Details: The little things in a space that add life and interest to it

Each of these principles contributes to the overall success of your space. Today we will be focusing on scale and proportion, which ensures objects placed in a space look like they belong to each other; A harmony that is established through size, dimension, shape, or color of objects and how they relate to one another.

Scale and proportion can be tricky to get right in interior design. Choose elements that are too large for a space and the room will feel crowded. Placing objects that are too small in a room can make a space feel awkward or unfinished. Today we will discuss how to strike a balance in how the objects in your room relate to one another.

The wallpaper in the photo below is in proportion to the furnishings near it.  A room this size can handle the large trellis print.

Courtesy of Magnolia Home/York Wallcoverings


In the photo below, the window treatments by RM Coco are well suited for the size and scale of the room. The print on the fabric relates well to the rest of the prints in the room and the length of the draperies are in proportion to the fireplace surround and trim.

Image courtesy of RM Coco Décor Ltd 

A common scale mistake is choosing a rug that is too small for a room. Below is a photo of a well-sized Kaleen rug. It leaves about 18” around the perimeter of the room, which is an ideal size for a bedroom or living room.

If you are looking to address the scale and proportion of your space, come see us at Columbia Paint or Clarksville Paint and Decorating Design Centers for one on one assistance. We are a Benjamin Moore Paint and Fine Paints of Europe dealer, and have over 300 wallcovering and fabric books. We also carry rugs, window coverings, and everything you need to paint your space. Stay tuned for next week’s design principle feature; We will be providing more tips and tricks to DIY your interior design.




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