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The Best Colors For Small Bedrooms

colors for small bedrooms

The right mix of neutral colors and color accents can make a small bedroom shine.

When it comes time to paint a bedroom for yourself, any color that you enjoy and evokes positive feelings is appropriate. The psychology of color is largely personal and comfortable, and while different colors mean different things and evoke different reactions from different people, there are general trends and principles you can take into account when preparing a home for resale. When reselling your home, your main concerns should be making the space appear as large as possible (especially in small bedrooms) and giving it color which will appeal to the widest audience. It may be wise to speak to your real estate agents about which paint colors appeal the most highly in your area, but also keep these color basics in mind.  

Earth Tones

In the technical sense, earth tones typically include any color that can classically be found in nature, but in design earth tones include specific colors: specifically muted beiges, browns, oranges, and yellows. Light earth tones in sand or beige are ideal for helping small bedrooms look bigger. These neutral colors also have the benefit of appealing to a large number of potential home buyers.

Serene Blues And Greens

These shades are thought to bring a sense of peace and relaxation to a space, making them popular for both large and small bedrooms. If your tastes lean this way, avoid deeply saturated shades of blue and green in small spaces, as too much color can make a small space appear cramped and unattractive. Colors such as grey-greens and sky blue are more likely to have mass appeal than bolder colors.

White and Off-White

These shades are useful in a small bedroom because they create a feeling of space in small bedrooms. However, unless you are going for a very modern look, pure white can look cold and stark. Softer off white colors will have a more universal appeal to potential home buyers.

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