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Different Styles of Wooden Shutters

wooden shutters

Do you know about these different wooden shutter styles?

When it comes to choosing interior and exterior wooden shutters for your home, there is a wide variety of stylish and fun options. Take a look at a few of them and discover the ideal wooden shutters for the interior and exterior of your home.  

Louvered Style Window Shutters

These exterior wood shutters are made from overlapping uniform slats of wood set into a frame. To this day, they are popular for numerous styles of architecture. These classic wood shutters look great when painted a bold color against a white saltbox-style home, but can also be stained for a timeless neutral look.

Raised Panel Style Wooden Shutters

These decorative raised panel wood shutters are an excellent compliment to any exterior and lend an inviting rustic look to any home.

Board And Batten Style Wooden Shutters

Board and batten wood shutters come in different styles: arch-top, spaced, square, or joined. As you can see from their name, these shutters are comprised of single boards joined together with shorter crosspieces, which are called battens.

Shaker Style Wooden Shutters

These interior shutters are made of large flat and solid panels. They are used to block out bad weather and bright lights. Their traditional style is minimalist and functional.

Plantation Style Wooden Shutters

These functional exterior shutters are perfect for those seeking southern flare. These relaxed southern classics have wide louvers that can be closed to keep out stormy weather or opened to let warm breezes roll through.

California Style Wooden Shutters

These interior louvered shutters have a distinct personality. They are known for their large wooden horizontal slats. These are similar to plantation style wooden shutters, only they are interior rather than exterior shutters.

Cafe Style Wooden Shutters

These quaint shutters get their name from the French cafes where they have always been a design staple. These interior shutters are easy to spot. Cafe style interior wooden shutters are generally louvered and cover only the bottom half of a window. They are designed to offer cafe goers privacy.

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