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Add a Modern Flair to Your Home with Candice Olson Wallcoverings

floral wallcovering

This large floral pattern adds charm to a children’s bedroom.

Candice Olson wallcoverings take traditional design motifs, like flowers or stripes, and transform them into decorative designs that are both modern and timeless. Papering your walls with Candice Olson wallcoverings is a great way to add class and elegance to your home in time for the holidays. Plus, with Candice Olson’s timeless designs, your home will look great for the New Year as well as for years to come! Make a surefire choice by choosing Candice Olson. Wondering what kind of design to choose? Here are some design tips for choosing your Candice Olson wallcovering.


Stripes are one of the most classic wallcovering designs. When used correctly, a stripe pattern can work to your advantage to compliment a room’s dimensions. You can use vertical stripes to make a room with a low ceiling look taller. Horizontal stripes help a small room look wider. Candice Olson updates the traditional stripe design with unique shapes and textures. A thin, gold stripe pattern adds austerity and class to any room. A stripe pattern that incorporates elegant box designs adds dynamism. It’s very difficult to go wrong with stripes, and with Candice Olson’s impeccable design sense, you’ll be sure to wow anyone who enters your home.


Floral patterns are often a sign of an old, out-of-date wallcovering that needs to be replaced. However, a modern floral style has become popular and omnipresent in the current fashion and style trends. The trick to a floral design that is both modern as well as timeless is to go with larger, more stylized designs. Just remember that a wallcovering with large patterns will make a small room look smaller and a big room look bigger. If you have an impressively large dining room or living area, it can be complimented by wallpaper with a large print pattern. You can trust that any floral wallcovering from Candice Olson will continue to remain stylish for years to come. Other botanical styles have become trendy as well, including designs of leaves and fruit.


A great way to freshen up a space to make it feel more dynamic and energized is to add textured wallcoverings. Textured wallcoverings can range anywhere from delicate grass-cloth wallcoverings to metallic wallcoverings to embossed wallcoverings. Grass-cloth wallcoverings are carefully crafted by weaving together organic strands of grass. They’re a great choice for a natural-looking kitchen. Metallic wallcoverings are a great way to offer a chic sheen to any room. The elegance of a gold-flecked or silver-stripped wallcovering makes any room look pristine and austere. Embossed wallpaper adds an extra layer of depth. The subtle, raised patterns on embossed wallpaper create small shadows that make any room look more appealing. Choose from these textured styles and more from Candice Olson.

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