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How to Choose the Right Wallcoverings

choosing wallcovering

There are so many different styles of wallcoverings, how do you know which to choose?

Wallpaper used to be the first thing a new homeowner would take down when they purchased a home, but wallcoverings are starting to make a comeback.

There are a lot of different wallcovering designs, however, so all of the options may seem overwhelming. So we have decided to provide you with a few friendly tips on how to pick the right wallcoverings.

Choosing the Right Wallcoverings Design

The wallcovering designs you select need to be appropriate for the atmosphere of the room. If it’s a casual room, faux finishes like stucco are a very popular option. You can also pair beadboard wallcoverings with floral designs to make a relaxing atmosphere. If you want the room to have a contemporary look, bold geometrics with high gloss and metallic accents are excellent options. If you want to pair the wallcovering designs with traditional furniture, opt for intricate damasks and stripes in your wallcoverings.

Planning the Amount of Wallcoverings You Need

Before selecting your wallcoverings, plan out how much of the room you plan to cover. If you want to cover all four walls, simple stripe designs will give any room a contemporary look. If you just want to have a wallcovering on one wall, select a bold design to highlight that area of the room. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also add wallcoverings to the ceilings.

Wallcoverings Basics

As long as you take the time to measure all your walls accurately and have a clear vision in mind, you almost can’t go wrong when selecting wallcoverings. But you will see plenty of people who end up with a less than flattering wallcovering design in their home. That’s because they probably rushed their decision, didn’t have a vision in mind and didn’t take their time to look at all their options. As long as you avoid all those mistakes and take your time, you will select the perfect wallcoverings for your room.

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