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Projected Color Trends for 2016

2016 color trends

Muted pastels will be a popular trend in the upcoming year.

Nothing can improve the look, feel, and value of your home like living in a fresh and modern space with artfully applied color schemes. If you’re considering redecorating, new paint, or invigorating your home to make it wholly unique with clever use of color, these upcoming 2016 trends can guide you toward achieving your home improvement goals. You can draw inspiration from these color schemes and use them to create a gorgeous modern space with soul that reflects your individual tastes.

Elevated Neutrals

Neutrals are classic, timeless, universally appealing, and when cleverly reimagined can add elegance to your home. They can recall the grandiose marble, soothing summer sands, and everything in between with a full selection of blushed beiges, muted browns, and warm khakis. These modern neutrals are anything but dull and are ideal for creating open and unassuming spaces that promote relaxation. They transform wallcoverings and window treatments into zen expressions of modern taste.

A Room In Bloom

Charming and delightful muted pastels are in. This is the kind of color that breathes life into any space with tasteful pops of blues and pinks and greens. Simultaneously retro and modern, these guaranteed crowd pleasers will brighten up any wallcoverings with a timeless and youthful twist.

The Evolution of Innovation

The rise of local manufacturing, grassroots ideology, and the repurposing of authentic  20th century

machinery is changing everything from aesthetics to ethics. This rugged DIY mentality is being embraced by entrepreneurs and artists across this country. A color selection recalling the blood, sweat, and tears of rugged hard work, in earthy greens and beiges and browns, embodies this uniquely modern movement in its entirety.

Embrace The Future

We are far from the chrome future imagined in the fifties. The present is vibrant and ever changing and expanding. Technology and our understanding of the world around us grows every day. Icy blues, deep plums, and shimmering greys in gloss finishes celebrate where that imagined future intersects with modern color.

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