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3 Benefits of Hiring a Color Consultant

3 Benefits of Hiring a Color Consultant

Hiring a color consultant helps you choose the color you want and need for your home while ensuring high-quality results for your next paint job.

Hiring a color consultant has more benefits than you might realize. You might think, “How hard can choosing a paint color be?” Of course, a home’s interior or exterior color is a personal choice. However, choosing the wrong color can obstruct a room’s entire ambiance. It’s best to choose a color that you, of course, find beautiful. However, you also want to ensure that the color matches your home’s decor and architectural style. While red or orange might be your favorite color, it could also be too bold a color to paint a wall. You should hire a color consultant if you want high-quality results. Allow us to tell you more! 

A Color Consultant Understands Nuances

Many homeowners don’t know how to choose primary and secondary colors. One of our professionals will be able to explain the difference and which colors will blend with your decor seamlessly. Colors are no longer one shade. Did you know there is a color called “greige,” which blends beige and gray? Neutral colors such as gray have their nuances. Dark gray versus light gray change the look and feel of a room. Even white has various shades. 

Professionals Understand Trendy and Timeless Colors

A color consultant will guide you into the world of interior design. They can inform you about trendy colors and expand your color palette. Will you be putting your house up for sale eventually? If so, you might consider a popular color that will help your home stand out from others. After all, color tells a magnificent story. 

On the other hand, a professional can point you in the direction of various timeless colors. Some shades will always be classic. You can even use traditional colors and accent pieces to add trendy colors to your home. Here is where you can experiment with vibrant colors that might look too jarring on your walls. A color consultant can help you explore various options. 

Expertise in Paint Products

What hue and shade you pick are not the only factors to consider. You also want to know how a particular paint will appear on your wall. Some paint products are more sheeny than others. Sheen refers to the level of gloss paint has. Also, different paints vary in saturation (the intensity of a color). A professional can walk you through these details to ensure you pick the best products. 

When is Hiring a Color Consultant the Most Pressing?

Hiring a company for a professional paint job versus using their expertise to pick the best hue, shade, sheen, and saturation is different. You might have a set color in mind and merely need a professional to execute the process. However, it’s best to hire a color consultant if: 

  1. You’re Choosing an Exterior House Paint Color
  2. You’re Indecisive about Choosing a Color out of Your Comfort Zone
  3. If you have decor you want to accent but are unsure how 

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