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7 Paint Colors for Rooms with Natural Light

Columbia Paint Natural Light

Natural light can have a big effect depending on your paint color.

Is your house bathed in natural light? Such gorgeous lighting requires an equally beautiful complimentary paint color on your walls. While some colors can darken or absorb natural sunlight, here are some of our favorite colors that will bring any home décor to the next level. 

Which Colors Can Enhance the Natural Light of a Space? 

Whites of All Undertones

White is a classic color that can complement any furniture, wall hangings, or other design elements in your home. Not all whites are created equal, and each one has a subtle undertone that can create different effects with your furnishings. Consider the styling of the rest of your home when selecting a white—chances are that will guide you to a shade that matches your preferences.

Violet & Purples

Purple is a regal and whimsical color that is surprisingly versatile! Since purple is made of red and blue tones, you can play off that in your décor, from window dressings to area rugs. The more natural light, the more vibrant and playful this color can be. 

Bold Blues

There’s nothing more calming than a beautiful blue color! Blue reflects natural light beautifully and can play on the blue sky or the water if your home is near the shore or on a lake. Depending on your personal taste, you can experiment with statement walls in navy or a bright cerulean. 

Natural Greens

Green can be lovely in a home with lots of natural light. A beautiful, rich emerald will look great with velvet elements or intricate gold designs. A mossy green can play off your yard if you have one or pop out against a woody backdrop. In an urban setting, the right green shade can even be reminiscent of being in nature. 

Beige and Neutrals

If you have a few spaces that flow into each other, a neutral or beige color can be perfect for making your home look cohesive. With grey or beige walls, you can play up other elements in your space, like adding plants or brightly colored furniture. We recommend keeping your floors light with a neutral wall to open up your space. 

Warm Yellows or Gold

Yellows are famous for reflecting sunshine throughout any space. This color is great for small spaces to make them feel spacious and welcoming at the same time. Don’t be afraid to go a little more vibrant with yellow, even gold walls can look timeless and warm. 

Statement Oranges

You’re bold, loud and you don’t care who knows it! Orange is the perfect color for energy and inspiration. Rooms with a lot of natural light reflect gorgeously on an orange and add extra oomph to any design. 


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