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How to Pick the Right Color Scheme for Your Yard

How to Pick the Right Color Scheme for Your Yard

Need help choosing a color scheme for your yard? Columbia Paint can help!

It’s time to choose a color scheme for your yard; one that will enhance your experience while using the space. Outdoor paint projects come with their own set of unique challenges and opportunities. From your outdoor living area to your garden, and even your pool deck, color goes a long way toward creating the atmosphere of your choice. 

Work with the Patterns

Patterns are a great resource for choosing color schemes. If you have a pillow, blanket, rug, or other accessories that you use in our outdoor space, you can pull colors from those patterns to use throughout your yard. It adds a sense of cohesion and will tie the overall design of your yard together.

Your Home’s Interior

Pull inspiration from the design and colors used inside your home — specifically the larger, common areas. Take the scheme used in your living room, dining room, or even your kitchen, and extend that design into your outdoor area.

From Dark to Light

Create a color scheme that moves from darker tones to lighter tones in a vertical direction. This design option is great for your yard because it replicates the colors found in the natural world. Use darker colors in the floor, medium tones on the walls, and the lightest options on the ceiling. It will remind your family and guests of the natural arrangement that you see in your yard.

Look in Your Closet

Your closet is a great place to start when looking for ideas to create the right color scheme for your yard. Unless your closet looks like a rainbow, it’s likely that you wear the colors that you enjoy seeing in the world. Draw some inspiration from those tones by using them in your paint choices.

The Color Wheel

The color wheel is always a great choice for picking the right color scheme. It gives you an overview of what colors will contrast and complement each other. If your aim is to create a theme or overall atmosphere for your yard, the color will also help create the vibe that you’re looking for. Colors that sit next to each other are more relaxed while colors that sit across from each other create boldness and energy.  

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