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5 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Painting Contractor

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If you are working with a reputable painting contractor, they’ll be upfront and honest about the high-quality insurance they have.

Painting your home can be hard. It doesn’t matter which part of your house – it’s prone to be tedious, time-consuming, and might ultimately be disappointing. This is why hiring a painting contractive might be an attractive and viable solution. The problem is that you’ll get what you pay for, and the services you receive might not always be satisfactory. As such, it’s a good idea to prepare – arm yourself with these must-ask questions!  

Do You Carry Insurance?

One of the most important questions to ask has to do with insurance. If you are working with a reputable painting contractor, they’ll be upfront and honest about the high-quality insurance they have. Plus, they’ll also gladly discuss their comprehensive business liability. Then, ensure they have workers’ compensation which actually covers workers and customers alike. If the contractor does not have these assurances, don’t hire them.  

Do You Run Background Checks?

Another essential question relates to background checks. Trustworthy painting companies will always perform background checks on their employees. That way, they can determine if their hires have any criminal history. Inquiring about the hiring policy is part of your right as an honest customer. Don’t be hesitant if the painters do have a criminal record in their past. They might be trying to get on with living a life with all of those bad experiences behind them.  

Are Your Painters Full Employees?

You should also be comfortable asking your painting contractor partner if their employees are considered full-time or not. It’s a relatively common practice to hire subcontractors because using them cuts down associated labor costs. While it’s not always true that subcontractors provide shoddy results, companies that utilize full employees are generally more inclined towards maintaining background checks and workers’ comp as part of their business policies. 

What Tools and Materials Do You Use?

Top-top tools and materials make a remarkable difference. No two painting jobs are the same (compare siding painting to fence painting, or painting the interior of a structure, even!) Coatings and stains come in different qualities. Besides, caulk and weatherstripping go a long way towards making your home more insulated against heat loss and wind penetration.

Will You Supervise the Project? 

Estimators and owners will certainly pitch in and advise you about what the painting process entails. However, not every painting contractor boss can physically supervise the project. Excellent planning, execution, and follow-up prevent the project from going off the rails. Before any painting work can begin, nail down the logistics. You won’t regret it! 


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