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Here Are Four Tips For Painting Your Wooden Fence

Most homeowners typically have some fencing surrounding their respective homes’ perimeter. Fences have been known to be one of the many essential aspects of curb appeal. However, your wooden fence often requires specific maintenance to maintain upkeep of your fence. An unsightly wooden fence is unappealing. Here are several tips to consider when painting your wooden fence. 

Columbia Paint Wooden Fence

Consider these tips when painting a wooden fence.

Be Sure To Prepare Your Wooden Fence

It would help if you took precautions to preserve your fence’s integrity. For starters, you must ensure that your grass is cut, especially in areas surrounding your fence. After doing so, you should place a tarp under your fence to keep paint from dripping onto your grass. It would help if you also cleaned all dirt and other debris on your fence. It would be helpful to powerwash your fence as you can ensure it is thoroughly cleaned. 

Use High-Quality Materials

Cheap materials can impact the quality of your work. Quality materials are vital when it comes to painting wood in general. Inexpensive paintbrushes tend to lose bristles and easily break apart. The same idea and principle also apply to painting. Using exterior UV-inhibiting paint is an excellent selection to ensure your fence has a fine paint job.

Check The Weather Reports

A good rule of thumb is to check the pending weather forecast before painting your wooden fence. Rain can, without question, hinder the repainting process. Making sure your forecast is dry is the best way to plan your project.

Begin Early As Possible

Starting your paint job early in the day is the best way to ensure your fence is painted effectively and efficiently. Direct sunlight typically makes any paint dry up a bit too quickly. The timing of your paint job should rely on mother nature and the outdoor elements. 


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