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3 Types of Window Treatments You Should Consider for Your Home in 2019

3 Types of Window Treatments You Should Consider for Your Home in 2019

Invest in new window treatments in 2019!

It’s 2019, and if you put home improvement anywhere on your list of resolutions, there are many different options to choose from. How you design your window treatments will make a big difference in the overall look of the space. In addition to the beauty, they also provide some great function in your home. Here are three types of window treatments you should consider for your home in 2019.   

Blinds and Shades

Some of the most common window treatments are blinds and shades. They come in many different styles, widths, shades, and materials. They are functional and simple to use to control the amount of natural light that comes into your home. Blinds and shades are also great for insulating each space and blocking out UV rays. In addition to light, you can easily achieve more privacy with the simple pull of the cord.   


Drapes go a long way toward directing the overall atmosphere and vibe in a room. Depending on the weight and color of the fabric, whether you choose patterns or stripes, and the overall thickness of the drapes you’ll be able to completely change the way a space looks. With all the available options, choosing the perfect drapes can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s a great idea to have a design in mind for the room and use that as a platform for choosing your drapes. Even after you design the space, you can go in a completely different direction by simply changing the drapes. Plus, just like blinds and shades, drapes are also great for insulating a room – helping to keep it feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  

Curtains and Valances

Among the options on this list, curtains and valances are probably the most affordable. They come with just as much versatility and design options to help make a room look its best. Curtains and valances also come in various hem shapes and lengths, making them perfect for windows of different heights.  

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