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Tips for Choosing the Best Window Treatments

best window treatments

Choosing the best window treatments for your windows depends equally upon your tastes and your needs.

If you know that your home needs window treatments, but all of the possibilities have you overwhelmed, don’t worry. We can help you narrow it down. First you must ask yourself a few questions. What kind of look do you want? What type of function do you need your windows to perform? What colors and textures will best suit your interior design overall, space and furniture? Here are some quick tips to help you get started on choosing the best window treatments for your home.

Think Function

Before you begin thinking about color, pattern, and texture, you must first know exactly what you want your window treatments to do for your space. This will help you know exactly what you want and do not want, right from the start. Are you looking for privacy, something to darken a room, or something that’s purely decorative? Do you want something which will let in a lot of natural light? Knowing this before anything else will ensure you have the best window treatments for your needs.

Don’t Forget About Energy Efficiency and UV Protection

If you have a room in your house with windows that face the sun, it may be quite uncomfortable to be in during certain times of the day. Direct sunlight causes an unpleasant glare and can even damage furniture and decor over time. In this case, you may find a light blocking or diffusing curtain helpful. Light diffusion spreads light evenly as it passed through fabric, meaning that you will experience a gentle and pleasant glow rather than an uncomfortable sunlit glare. Combine Excellent choices of window treatments in this case are:

  • Honeycomb Shades
  • Sheers
  • Shadings
  • Window Treatments With UV Protection

Always Consider Design

After thinking of the practical aspects, it’s time to get to the fun stuff. While some rooms may require multifunctional window treatments, others just need a fun design element to bring everything together. In this case, you can choose from any number of delightful statement window treatments. Consider getting custom draperies suited specifically for your home.

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