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5 Colors and How to Use Them Effectively

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Purple inspires creativity in the kitchen.

Have you ever wondered what colors are best in each room? It has been proven that colors have a direct correlation to emotions. Painting a room with a certain color can make the room have a different energy. There’s a reason that nurseries are painted in soft color tones while living rooms are painted in more dynamic colors. Read on to learn how you can best apply these 5 different paint colors.


Red is a great color choice for anywhere you want to be productive, like your home office or exercise area. The color red has been known to increase heart rate, which leads to higher energy levels. With a higher heart rate and more energy comes increased adrenaline levels. This means that you are more likely to feel motivated and driven in a room that is painted or papered in a fiery red.


Yellow has been known to promote feelings of happiness and stimulate conversation, which is what makes it a great color for a living room. Yellow is an uplifting color that is commonly associated with happiness, energy, and togetherness. It inspires cheer while also being soothing. However, steer away from using yellow in a nursery. Since yellow is such a stimulating color, it can be a little overwhelming for a small child whose senses are still very sensitive.


Blue is a color that inspires tranquility and restfulness, which is what makes it a great bedroom color. At the end of a stressful day, resting in a blue bedroom can calm your nerves and make you feel at peace. Just as the color red increases heart rate, the color blue decreases heart rate and blood pressure. Blue is also a great color to have in your bathroom. If you have an especially difficult day, a soak in a blue bathtub can help all the day’s stressors melt away.


The color green is symbolic of life and growth. It is the color of spring and the color of deep, enchanted forests. Because green is so lush, it makes a great sexy bedroom color. Although red is viewed as a racy color, the stimulating quality actually works against you when you simply want to sleep. However, green is a subtle, sexy color that also won’t keep you awake at night.


Purple is a fun, stimulating color that engages your creativity. This velvety color works great in kitchens, playrooms, and art studios. Because it inspires creativity, you can find yourself making more intricate meals in the kitchen and your kids can find themselves playing more exciting games in their playroom. Just make sure not to paint a child’s bedroom purple; when it’s time to go to bed, you want the room’s colors to inspire them to sleep rather than to stay up and play.

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