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Which Non-White Colors Make Great Trim Colors For Interior Painting? 

While there will always be a place for classic white trim, choosing non-white trim colors for your home can add a bit of personality while keeping the overall look of your space clean. Almost every color can look great as a trim, but it depends on your style and desired look. Here are a few ideas and what you can pair with them.

Columbia Paint Trim Colors

Trim colors are essential to interior painting.

Which Non-White Colors Make Great Trim Colors? 

  • Neutrals: If you want an upscale, polished look, pairing a light-colored wall with a neutral-colored trim can be the perfect accent. Neutral can vary in shade and tint, from an eggshell or off-white to a light beige or deep brown. Don’t be afraid to go dark with your trim, either! White or lighter-colored walls paired with black trim look amazing in minimalist, modern designs, especially around windows with a lot of natural lighting
  • Bold Contrast: Choosing bright trim colors can bring attention to architecturally exciting parts of your home and be used to tie in other accent colors throughout your home. Colors like coral, seafoam green, or sapphire blue pair beautifully with different wallpapers or painted-on patterns and textures on your walls. Or, if you’d rather keep your walls simple, you can complement your other decorations with a similarly-colored trim. 
  • The Same Color as Your Walls: This trendy monochromatic look can tie different room elements together, making a more cohesive look. This works with many different colors, from jewel tones to muted hues. 

Does Paint Sheen Make a Difference for Trim? 

Yes, it does! While matte paint can look great on walls, we don’t recommend it for trim simply because trim tends to collect a lot of dust, especially on baseboards. Getting trim colors in a semi-gloss or high-gloss sheen to your trim colors will ensure they’re easy to clean, so they can continue making a lasting impression. 

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