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The Lifespan of Paint

The Lifespan of Paint
It’s the question most people don’t know the answer to — how long does paint actually last?

It’s the question most people don’t know the answer to — how long does paint actually last? Having mixed paint around the house is always a great thing to have on hand. From walls and trim to ceilings and cabinet doors, a little spruce of paint can make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of your home. But how long can those paint cans actually last? 

The Estimated Lifespan Of Your Paint

When looking at the longevity of paint, it’s important to explore the storage condition of said paint. Latex paint that is kept in pristine condition could potentially last up to a decade. However, the same type of paint stored in a poorly sealed and opened container may only last a few months before going bad. Having any liquid on the top or sides of doesn’t necessarily mean the paint has gone bad. However, stirring the paint to see it’s consistency can help you determine whether the cans you have are good or bad. 

Oil-Based Paints

For the most part, oil-based paints are similar to those of latex paints. However, due to the increased amount of solvents in oil-based compared to latex paints, the lifespan of oil-based tends to lean towards having a bit of a longer lifespan. As a result, oil-based paints that are properly sealed and stored can potentially last for up to 15 years. 

Top Signs Your Paint Has Gone Bad

There are a few distinguishable signs that your paints have gone bad. First, if you have a rancid or sour smell, then it has most likely gone bad or been improperly stored decreasing its lifespan overall. After being open, some paints might have a very rancid smell which could easily indicate that it has gone bad. That’s because bacterial growth is the reason the paint is smelly and rancid. Secondly, paint that is repeatedly frozen and then thawed and then frozen again could easily go bad. It’s not wise to store paint in an area — like outdoors — where it can go through a variety of different temperatures repeatedly. Lastly, overly lumpy paints is also a tell-tale sign that your paint has gone sour. If the paint has totally solidified — more than just a thin film on top — it has likely gone bad. 


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