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Paint Gloss: What You Should Know

This is why gloss or at least semi-gloss paints are usually the suggested sheen for kitchens and bathrooms.

Updating the paint colors on your walls is one of the easiest and fastest ways to completely transform a room. Picking the perfect color (or combination of colors) is often the hardest part. There are so many different colors and shades to choose from to strike the right balance for your space. Then, once you have the color picked out, you still need to choose the sheen or glossiness. Here’s what you should know about this concept so you can choose the right one for your painting project.

Different Types Of Sheen

The different sheens that are available range from very flat to very glossy. The least lustrous sheen available is the matte finish, sometimes called flat finish, which has less than 2% gloss and creates a very soft, diffused look. Next is the low-sheen (3-19% gloss), followed by the satin (20-30% gloss) finish. Both of these offer a little more shine than matte finishes, but they don’t have enough to feel super reflective. Next, semi-gloss has a gloss level of 30-45%, followed by gloss sheens at more than 45% gloss. Both of these are definitely reflective, offering a smooth, shiny finish.

Choosing Based On Looks

The bottom line is that you want your walls to look nice, obviously, and the sheen will play a part in that. If you are choosing very bright or bold colors, a high-gloss sheen could look gaudy. Similarly, beige or tan colors sometimes look even plainer when they have a matte sheen. Additionally, the glossier the polish, the more it will highlight any texture on the wall. If the texture is purposeful, that could be a good thing; if it is due to imperfections, you should opt for a matte sheen instead. All in all, suppose the room has intensely bright lights or receives a lot of direct sunlight. In that case, the shininess of a gloss finish could become distracting.

Choosing Based On Use

Glossier sheens are easier to clean and more resilient to mold and mildew growth. This is why gloss or at least semi-gloss paints are usually the suggested sheen for kitchens and bathrooms. If you want to use a matte sheen, make sure that the space is not prone to moisture or well-ventilated enough that the moisture-buildup won’t cause an issue.


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