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What Are Some Essential House Painting Tools That You Can’t Go Without?

Take your time; house painting isn’t something you can rush through and hope for the best.

Painting each room in your house can infuse them with some new life. However, since this process isn’t exactly the most fun way to pass the time, you might end up making it a weekend project. Take your time; house painting isn’t something you can rush through and hope for the best. We’re here to let you know what tools you’ll need to achieve the best-looking results

Different Paint Color Samples 

Testing various swatches of paint is a solid first step. If you don’t use these samples, you could choose a color that doesn’t work with the aesthetic or the room. Even worse, it could just look downright ugly. Avoid these ghastly mistakes by using paint chips, color cards, or web-based visualizer software. 

Trisodium Phosphate 

Trisodium phosphate sounds scary, but it’s not as bad as you think. Most of the time, it’s used to clean off a swimming pool deck. That said, you can use it inside as well. Before you embark on any complicated house painting project, you’ve got to clean and degrease the wall in question. TSP lets you do that – and it’ll clean off your paintbrushes as well!

Some Masking Film

Masking film also needs to be in your toolkit. It’s something that professional painters use, so you know it’s good. With this film, you can protect windows, doors, cabinets, accent walls, and furniture. That way, they won’t be stained with paint splotches or dust particles. This film uses static electricity to cling to the surface you attach it to as well. Some varieties of masking film will come prepared with painter’s tape already applied. 

A Canvas Drop Cloth

Much like masking film, it’s a good idea to get some tarps or drop cloths. Canvas and plastic are far and away the most popular materials used for house painting purposes. While canvas drop cloths tend to be more expensive, they are tear-resistant. Plastic drop cloths, meanwhile, are less expensive. They’re also meant to be disposable, so after one use, you should get rid of them. Even so, some types of plastic drop cloths are thick enough to be reused as long as they aren’t stepped on. Either way, tape the loose edges to the nearby floor, so nobody slips, trips, and falls because of it.  


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