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Unconventional and Fun Ideas for Painting Your Child’s Bedroom

child bedroom fun ideas for painting columbia paints md maryland

Here are some exciting ideas for how you can paint your child’s bedroom.

School’s out for the summer! Even though there are still roughly two months left before summer vacation ends, you’ll want to find something to keep your kids occupied and enriched. Summer school can be boring and also seem like a black hole of fun. Why not work on a project together to keep their spirits up? Here are some exciting ideas for how you can paint your child’s bedroom. 

Ignore Any Notions of Elegance 

First of all, the elegant designs you would incorporate into your own bedroom – set those aside. In this case, more sophisticated and neutral tones aren’t the best ideas. Go and look at the wider perspective of home design. What do we mean by that? The way you would decorate and paint a living room or bathroom will depend on the age of whoever is in your household. A grown-up’s room will, of course, look and feel different than the one children inhabit. So keep that in mind as you figure out what you want to do next!

Play Around with Possible Palettes 

Another suggestion we have for you? Play around with potential palettes and color schemes. What’s on the table, so to speak? Narrowing down your choices – or seeking inspiration – can be a tough call, so that’s why the Internet is such an abundant resource. Sites (and apps) like Pinterest can help you there. 

Zone In On Zany Themes 

Consider different themes based on your child’s interests, hobbies, and passions. Do they adore outer space? Thrown in galactic spirals, shooting stars, and smiling planets. If they prefer sports, then let them carry the ball. Posters are one thing – wallpapers, window dressings, and intricate designs take things up another level. Beyond the paint on the walls, you’ll also have to factor in other elements of the space before you – accessories, carpeting, flooring, and furniture. Anything that obviously clashes will stick out like a sore thumb, and it might even bother your kid’s sensibilities, too.  

Ask Your Kids About It

What’s a great way to bond with your kids – get them involved in the project! Even if you don’t want them to handle the brushes and other tools, they can still contribute. Skim through Pinterest boards with them, take them with you to the store, and then let them choose what colors and decorations spark their joy!


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