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Does Your Home’s Interior Need a Refresh?

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How do you know when your home’s interior aesthetic is screaming for some change?

How do you know when your home’s interior aesthetic is screaming for some change? When it comes to the exterior features, such a question is easier to answer. That said, you shouldn’t let the inside of your home fall into neglect as well. Updating your home goes beyond splashing your walls with a fresh coat of paint and calling it a day. Rise to the occasion! Here are some fresh ways to zap your old-looking home interiors with some new energy! 

You Want to Personalize Your New Home

All right, so this piece of advice probably sounds odd. Homeownership calls for some unconventional thinking, though. Suppose you want to customize your home – even though it wasn’t originally designed to be that way. The color scheme you choose should reflect your personality, not the previous owner’s! 

You’ve Got to Fix Up Those Damaged-Looking Surfaces 

Rowdy kids and pets are energetic additions to your household. While you probably cherish the time you spend with them, the amount of accidental damage they leave in their wake can leave you feeling less than appreciative. Another way to refresh your home’s interior is to repair any surfaces that clearly look like they need to be repaired. Repainting the walls and ceilings is a nifty way to cover up condiment stains and permanent marker “masterpieces.”

The Old Colors Look Ancient Now

Faded colors look bad. There are no two ways about that. Suppose the old colors now look, well, ancient. Sunlight exposure and UV rays can discolor the paints you’ve spent so much time applying. Paint getting lighter or darker isn’t just a weird optical illusion – it can turn your paint layers blotchy and unsightly to boot.  

The Original Paint is Wearing Out

Maybe the original paint is wearing out. Much like what we discussed in the paragraph directly above this one, aging paint is a big problem. The paint isn’t permanent. Unfortunately, like many other decorative elements, the ravages of time can cause cracking and chipping. These conditions are two surefire signs that your interior paint is no longer viable.

It’s Time to Replace That Ugly Wallpaper 

Wallcoverings make a statement about the aesthetic of your house. Even if you aren’t staging your home for a quick sale, it might be time to get rid of the old wallpaper. The wallpaper materials that were in vogue years ago most likely look ghastly by today’s standards. Dispense with that gauche appearance and go with a sleek and glossy coat of paint instead! 


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