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Can You Use Wallpaper and Paint Side-by-Side?

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Wallpaper and other wall hangings can breathe new life into a room.

Wallpaper and other wall hangings can breathe new life into a room. Have you finally decided to hang up that fandom-related flowery tapestry and phases-of-the-moon decoration? Both of those additions can add a touch of fun to your bedroom walls. But once you decide to change up the look and feel of other rooms, you’ll bump into a question you never thought of before. That vexing dilemma is this: “Can I use wallpaper and paint right next to each other?” 

How It All Looks 

So the first factor you want to think about is how well the wallpaper ties the room together. Even though it is conventional wisdom, don’t feel obligated to paint all of your walls (or even an accent wall) with the same color. Plus, you can play around with interesting patterns like stars, zigzags, chevrons, stripes, dots, and other geometric shapes. When you use wallpaper, you can also bring fun textures to the forefront! 

How Each Material is Used 

Next up, keep in mind how each material is commonly used around the house. Wallpaper is most often used in living rooms and dining rooms. Here, they won’t be exposed to moisture that could degrade them. In ideal circumstances, the paper can last for more than a decade without you needing to replace it. 

But you shouldn’t use this wallcovering in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. There’s too much moisture present. Even though you might find the patterns, colors, and textures charming, your child might not agree. That’s why it’s a bad idea to put nicer wallpaper in their rooms. 

Rolling the Paint or Placing the Wallpaper 

Another consideration that can make your project more complicated is the method of application. Although it sounds tedious, putting on fresh coats of paint isn’t that difficult. The important thing is to clean the walls and prepare them to accept the new paint. This process might involve scraping off old paint that has worn out. The thing is, working with wallpaper could turn out to be more frustrating than you expected. That’s because you have to unravel the rolls and cut them to the right size. Then you might need to soak them in some water to get the adhesive working. And if you don’t align the edges just so, expect uneven patterns. You’re also likely to see annoying air bubbles.   


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