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Four Practical Tips For Painting Your Kitchen This Spring

Columbia Paint Kitchen Painting

Utilize these tips when painting your kitchen.

It’s thrilling and daunting to decide it’s time to change the wall color in your house. You may use a few tactics and suggestions to simplify interior painting. Use these tips if you plan to paint your kitchen this spring.

Select Paint Colors Carefully

The initial step is also the most enjoyable, but there are a few things to consider before selecting your paint. For most homes, the conventional finish options are a flat finish on the ceiling, an eggshell or satin finish on the walls, and a semi-gloss finish on the trim. Although this isn’t a given, it is an appealing visual combo. Finally, keep in mind that quality is typically reflected in the price.

Be Sure To Clean And Sand Your Walls Before Applying Paint

The walls must be carefully cleaned and sanded as needed because dirty walls also won’t hold paint. For instance, over time, the walls in the kitchen frequently accumulate a thin layer of grease and filth from cooking. This can be removed with some hard work and cleaner, but if you skip this crucial step, the dirt will prevent the paint from adhering. Sanding is necessary to remove any surface imperfections before applying a new coat of paint which might make those little imperfections much more noticeable.

Move Appliances To The Center Of The Room

Remove as much furniture as possible from the room to create a workspace. Suppose you cannot remove it; or place it in the center, away from the walls. If any piece of furniture is too large to transport securely, you might want to hire an expert.

Apply Plastic Before Painting

Put a layer of plastic over your flooring and whatever you can’t move out of the room to protect them. Even though it may seem needless, doing so will help you avoid wasting time and effort cleaning up all the little drips and drops on the floor.


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