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4 Additional House Painting Tools You’ll Need

4 Additional House Painting Tools You’ll Need

With that saying in mind, you’ll need to have several more tools on hand when you begin your next house painting project.

Painting your house can be tricky. Are you planning on doing it by yourself? Every home improvement project goes faster when you aren’t on your own. After all, many hands make work light. With that saying in mind, you’ll need to have several more tools on hand when you begin your next house painting project. Got someone who can help? Great! Hand these out to them

Blue Painter Tape

Blue painter’s tape is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools for house painting. It’s not exactly inexpensive, but it’ll save you plenty of time and frustration when you pony up the cash for some. This tape helps indicate the spots you should avoid painting; it can also point out areas that your drop cloths can’t protect. Edges of windows, wall trim, and the tops of baseboard heaters are particularly vulnerable to paint-related mishaps. Do bear in mind that the tape’s adhesive will eventually harden. This means that it becomes harder to pull it off when you don’t need it anymore. 

A High-Quality Paint Sprayer 

Using a pressure washer makes cleaning your residential fence easier. It also works pretty well for keeping the siding clean, too. In that same vein, track down an airless paint sprayer tool. Painting your entire house sounds like a laborious process, but with this item in your possession, you’ll save yourself a decent amount of time. Plus, using it results in a smoother finish superior to the one produced by applying paint on the walls using your hands. 

A Tapered Sash Brush 

You can’t go wrong with a tapered sash brush. This item is particularly handy when you need to tackle painting the interior of your home’s wooden window frames. The trim, mullions, and framing can all be repainted so much more quickly because the brush in question is so small. You don’t have to put up with tiny corners and crevices flummoxing you yet again! 

An Affordable Paint Comb

You might wonder why a paint comb makes any difference. When it comes to house painting, every little bit helps. The biggest benefit of using a paintbrush comb is that it will end up saving you money. That’s because they are meant to clean the brushes once you are done using them for now. As a result, your paintbrushes will last much longer!


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