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Back to School Season: Get Ready For Your Next Home Painting Project!

Painting Secrets You Should Know About
Although it sounds hard to believe, this is actually a fantastic time to get cracking on your next painting project!

Full-scale school reopenings are certainly a hot topic. Much like everything else in society, the normal academic routine has been upended. Educational experts have already determined that the pandemic has caused unimaginable amounts of lost learning potential. Even so, the end of another summer vacation is looming. If your children took some summer classes to catch up (or get ahead), they might have already experienced the feeling of going back to school in person. Although it sounds hard to believe, this is actually a fantastic time to get cracking on your next painting project! 

Start Planning for What You Need to Do 

Every home improvement project has to start somewhere. And in this case, you’ll have to plan. Plan again, then plan some more. The saying “the devil’s in the details” isn’t just a corny expression. Any complicated process can be ruined without due diligence. It can be something as mundane as repainting your ceiling or as out-of-this-world (quite literally) as landing a probe on Mars. Getting sidetracked by perusing color selections, getting the necessary painting materials and tools, and then finally putting up painter’s tape can eat up your entire day. When the afternoon comes, your kids will be home and eager to spend time with you so they can avoid doing homework just a little bit longer. What we’re trying to say is this project isn’t something you can accomplish overnight. It might take a while. 

The House Won’t Be As Packed 

Setup is essential. This phase of the painting process is much easier to do when you’re alone. Let’s say that you and your spouse both work from home. In that case, you can take turns having a few swipes of paint on the wall or comparing swatches to see which one looks better. Plus, depending on the size of your family, the house will be quieter, less rowdy, and most importantly, you’ll have more time to cut loose and really get into a good groove.  

No More Distractions or Interruptions 

The flow state is a curious thing. It’s hard to pin down when “you’re in the zone,” but think about it this way: if you’re a writer, then rattling off 20 pages in an hour is one example. Likewise, if you consider yourself an athlete, dominating the basketball hoop in your driveway is another sign that you’re in the zone. In other words, with no more distractions or interruptions in the way, you’ll breeze through the tedious and most time-consuming parts of painting your home!


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